By choosing a Shade Sail from Shade and Sail Innovations you are able to keep yourself, family and friends protected from the high levels of UV rays during the hotter months of the year in all areas of Perth.

Shade and Sail Innovations can custom design, manufacture and construct a shade structure to suit your needs whether it be to cover an area such as; carports, swimming pools, playgrounds, courtyards, Residential and Commercial areas in Perth providing a solution to creating shade over all types and shapes of areas.

Shade Sails over courtyard


Operating since 1997, we have earned a reputation for design, cost efficiency and customer service supplying Shade Sails Perth. Each individual sail is custom designed to fit the unique application it will undertake. By using a shade sail specific CAD program we are able to construct a sail to your needs and benefits to suit you and the area  that you require shade.



Shade and Sail Innovations design and deliver innovative and effective Shade Structures to the Perth metropolitan area.  Shade Sails offer a great form of protection from the sun and can cool an area down by providing shade.


Our experienced team is dedicated to providing our customers with Shade Sails over paved outdoor patio areaquality, friendly service and delivering services on time and within budget. If you are looking for a Shade Sail in Perth think of Shade and Sail Innovations for a high quality tailored design to meet your individual requirements.





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