Wholesale Shade Sails over a Playground

Wholesale Shade Sails

Shade & Sail Innovations offers a full range of shade products and installation services, including residential sales, commercial sales, and wholesale distribution. While we take great pride in our connection with local customers and knowledge of the Perth market, we also enjoy a working relationship with shade sail companies in Australian and across the world. Our fully-fledged wholesale operation has been supplying shade sails and structures for over 15 years, with our products regularly going to Australia, Anguilla, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Access to industry leading infrastructure

Here at Shade & Sail Innovations, we design and manufacture all of our products in-house. Access to advanced computer software and fabrication technology allows us to produce and sell products to businesses in Australia and across the world. Instead of relying on third-parties, we can ensure optimal quality control and consistency across product lines. This process begins with our fantastic design team, a highly experienced group of experts who use specific CAD software tools to create precise shade sails and structures.

Once a design has been completed, we take care of product manufacture from beginning to end with our own workshop and sewing loft. It doesn’t matter what your specific needs happen to be, we can create customised shade sails that are made to measure and perfect for a range of applications. Access to industry-leading technology ensures efficiency and quality control at every step along the way, from the initial design phase through to advanced steel support and sail fabrication. Our involvement in wholesale shade sails wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have access to this advanced technology.

Supply Wholesale Shade Sails

Flexible solutions for a range of applications

Here at Shade & Sail Innovations, we understand that every customer and project is unique. Rather than working from tired old templates or providing just a few designs, we allow businesses to customise their own shade sails and structures to meet their individual needs. Our wholesale shade structures have been designed to meet the demands of any environment, including residential applications, commercial applications, and small or large scale civil projects. No job is too big or too small, with our experienced design team able to create wholesale shade structures for any outdoor space.

Typical residential applications include patios, swimming pools, carports, garden structures, spa baths, interior and exterior courtyards, and home expansion projects. Typical commercial applications include car parks, shopping centres, apartment blocks, childcare centres and office courtyards just to name a few. While residential and commercial applications make up a large proportion of our business, we also deal with civil government projects such as schools, sporting fields, entertainment venues, community centres, and public parks.

Quality products

Here at Shade & Sail Innovations, we only use the best materials for our wholesale shade sails and structures. We always use the highest quality steel components, all of which are manufactured individually and given a Hot Dip Galvanise treatment before being powder coated in the colour of your choice. Fabric construction is just as robust, with all materials designed to provide up to 96% UV protection while still maintaining the ability to breathe. It doesn’t matter what application you have in mind, our wholesale shade structures feature a clever design and require very little maintenance to keep looking their best.

International distribution network

Shade & Sail Innovations are a leading wholesale distributor of high-quality shade sails and framed shade structures. We’ve been supplying shade sails to the outdoor and shade sail industry for over 20 years.

Along with our wholesale distribution service, we’ve manufactured and sold shade sails and related products to residential and commercial customers from all corners of the globe. Our Australian and international delivery schedule is reliable and cost-effective, so you can ensure quality products and efficient service regardless of your location.


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