Shade Sails – A Pros and Cons Guide

Shade sails - pros and cons

You want to get shade sails for summer, but you don’t know whether it’s worth it or not. You’re not sure what advantages it has over everything else. And even if you like it, you don’t know what hidden drawback they have. If this has been your predicament… keep on reading because we’ll reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of Shade Sails. Buckle up… it’s going to be a long ride.


Let’s begin with the advantages…


Shade Sails Are Environment-Friendly

Sail shades are not only good for you but also for our planet. Installing a shade sail calls for very little timber. Should you be able to rig your shade sail to a wall, you only need posts and beams to anchor it.

Furthermore, shade sails will keep your home cool, thus lessening the need for air conditioning and reducing your electricity consumption. You’re benefiting from lowering your electricity bills while also protecting Mother Nature by using less energy.

Sustainability-focused business BuyEcoWise say, “Having shade sails in the hot summer is an eco-friendly way to live. Because they provide shade and ventilation, they can help reduce use of AC. A massive guzzler of electricity and greenhouse gas producer.”


Shade Sails Offer Excellent Protection Against Sun and Rain

What can be nicer than having your breakfast outside or throwing an outdoor party for your family and friends? On bright, sunny days, this means you are at prone to getting sunburned, leave alone the risk of developing skin cancer.

A shade sail will provide you with the protection you need to keep you and everyone else around you safe. This is how you can enjoy the gentle warmth of the sun without having to put up with its scorching heat. In addition, you’ll benefit from the same protection against light rain.


A Plus of Cooling and Ventilation

Hot summer days bring increases of your electricity bills due to intensive use of your air conditioning system. You can attenuate the effect of heat on your family budget by having shade sails installed in your entryways and patios.

They allow air to enter your home, and provide effective protection against direct sunlight. Furthermore, the semi-breathable fabric shade sails are made from allows the air to flow and therefore cools down your entryway or patio.


Experts from Gary Hamer Interior Design say, “When designing the interior of a house, we look at the exterior too. Having shade sails or canopies on the entryway or patio can add appeal and allure to the house’s interior, while also providing shade and plenty of ventilation.” Read below…

Shade Sails improve the look of your property

Improved Looks of Your Property

Improving the looks of a home or commercial establishment requires a lavish budget. If you can’t afford such renovations, installing a shade sail may help give your property kerb appeal.

Shade sails come in either triangular or rectangular shape and they are available in a wide array of colours – from neutral to bright ones. A simple shade sail can give your veranda or patio a stylish appeal. Whatever the architectural style or colour of your building, you’ll surely find a shade sail to match it.


Easy to Install and Remove

Shade sails are usually fairy easy to install, so you can benefit from their advantages right away. If you have good handyman skills, you’ll be able to install them yourself and save some money in the process. If not, you’ll want to hire someone to do it for you. One of the most important things to keep in mind, though, is that you’ll want to be able to remove your shade sails with ease, in the event of a storm or strong wind approaching.


Now, let’s move to Disadvantages…


They Tend to Sag in The Middle

Cheap shade sails made from low-quality materials tend to sag in the middle a while after you install them. Even better quality ones may be prone to sagging due to dust and dirt accumulating at the centre of the shade sail. This causes the fabric to stretch and eventually sag in the middle part. Cheap materials may even tear under the weight of this debris, causing a lot of hassle and ultimately calling for a replacement.

You can prevent this from happening by securing the proper installation of your shade sails. Avoid overstretching the fabric. Find the right allowance and height to prevent debris accumulation in the middle. If you choose the right shade sail for your establishment and you install it properly, you won’t need to worry about any signs of sagging for many years after the installation.

playground shade sails


Frays and Holes

With time, shade sails will show natural signs of wear and tear, particularly when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Discolouration may start to show. Insects and birds may even punch holes in the fabric. Sometimes, the threads on the edges of the shade sail may become frayed. Add some bird droppings and piles of dried leaves into the mix and you’d surely end up with an eyesore.


This is yet another reason why you should ensure you buy high-quality shade sails made from durable fabrics. These materials are more expensive for a reason. For instance, they are less prone to fraying and loosening when stretched or exposed to the elements.

Furthermore, their colours tend to last longer, in order for you to benefit from your shade sails for many years after having them installed. By choosing good quality shade sails you may even save money in the long run, as you won’t need to replace them too often.

Marriage celebrant Johan says, “Always be focusing on high quality materials. You don’t want to go cheap and live to regret it on a special day. Speaking from experience, happened to one of our clients. No more details.”


Fire Hazard

Many people shy away from installing shade sails from fear they are prone to catching fire. When it comes to cheap shade sails made from low quality materials, fire hazard is for real. However, high-quality materials are less prone to catching fire.

Aside from buying high-quality shade sails, ensure that you have a fire extinguisher nearby. Also, avoid placing fire inducing materials, candles or any other source of fire away from your shade sail.




With that said, nothing is a 100% advantageous and 0% disadvantageous. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the best way to find THE shade sail of your life is to contact an expert and talk to them about your needs. They can help you find something that meets your exact needs and will help you install them while minimising all the possible disadvantages we talked about earlier.

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