Outdoor Blinds Perth for an Alfresco area

Custom Made Outdoor Blinds Perth

Our blinds are custom-made and then installed to create a brand new space offering protection at any time of the year.

We supply & install Ziptrak® blinds, the original outdoor blind system with a patented, track-guided design that glides smoothly and stops at any height for both residential and commercial applications.

As part of it’s stylish finish the Ziptrak® spring-balanced system makes zips, cords, ropes and wires totally redundant. Most of the weight of the blind material disappears due to the patented spring-balanced system, thus ensuring raising or lowering the blind is a lightweight, simple operation.

  • Insect Barrier
  • Easy and fast operation
  • Innovative features
  • Connect with the outdoors
  • Robust design and materials
  • Endless options
  • Tough and durable
  • Protection from the elements

Patio BlindOutdoor BlindsZiptrak® blinds connect your indoor and outdoor environments into one harmonious space.

Protected at any time of the year, with a sense of seclusion and sanctuary, you’ll spend more time enjoying life outdoors.

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds instantly create a brand new space in your home, ready to entertain family and friends at a moments notice.outdoor blinds enclosing room

Connect with the outdoors

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds allow you to control airflow, light and temperature whilst remaining connected with nature.

Relax and indulge in your own private retreat.


  • The trusted solution for outdoor protectionCafe Blinds
  • Robust design and materials
  • Australian Owned and Invented
  • Versatile installation options

Protection from the elements

Our sealed blind system shields you, your patio and your furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare and insects. Make the most of our beautiful climate but protect yourself from undesirable weather.