5 Benefits Of Shade Sails For Your Home

shade sails offer protection to your property

Have you ever considered installing shade sails for your home?

This article will explain why you should.

Perth has some of the best weather, a feature that is common to most of Australia.

The summers are hot and long, with few interruptions from rain, the winters are mild, and thunderstorms and downpours are occasional.

But these weather patterns do come with their downsides. In these Western Australian regions you can suffer from sunburn, the effects of UV radiation, and also have to bear the costs for installing and running climate control devices.

A product that can solve all these problems are shade sails.

What are the benefits that shade sails will bring to your home?

1. Keep You Cool and Safe

Shade sails for residences can shelter your home, keep down the temperature and provide protection from ultraviolet rays. If you have a commercial establishment, shade sails will protect your business and its employees.

A shade solution for a home or business becomes a necessity during the hot months of summer. The shade sail installation provides a UPF 50+ protection against ultraviolet rays.

There is a range of materials that can help you avoid sunburn and other health risks. Your furniture will not fade, as it will do when exposed to UV rays. There are options of waterproof shades that can provide you protection from rain as well as sun.

2. Lower Power Costs

While shade sails give you the needed protection in the hot summer months, they also effectively reduce electricity costs.

Shade sails give shelter to your home and business, reducing the temperature inside, and the need for constant air conditioning.

Proper use of shade sails will save you money on electricity bills during summer, and help to recover the costs of their installation.

Tree removal specialists from Cheaper Trees say that installing shade sails can have a similar impact as having trees shading your property and make a massive difference in your energy bill.

They explain, “trees properly placed around a building can reduce air conditioning costs by 30% and can save 20-50% in the energy used for heating. That’s why installing shade sails is a perfect alternative solution with a similar benefit in reducing energy costs.”

3. Enhance Aesthetic Value of Your Home or Business

Shade sails, besides being practical, are also things of beauty with their modern design.

Choose the right design, shape and colour, that suits your home or business, and you will greatly improve its appearance.

The team at Shade Sails Perth will offer you shade sails that match the design and colour of the architecture of your home or business. You can choose designs that are modern, homely, or inviting.

4. Improve Home Value

You can transform the look of your home, by choosing shade sails as a solution that is quick and not very expensive.

These sails will add value to your property far beyond the expense that you make with this modest investment.

Shade sails will make your home cooler, look better, and comfortable to be in or even outside the home. Your energy efficiency rating will be boosted.

Experts from Air Care Solutions Sydney stress the importance of improving the energy efficiency of your property. They say, “apart from the obvious benefit of reducing your costs, you’re also helping the environment. Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to combat climate change and clean the air we breathe.”

These are features that are always sought after for properties, and will immediately add value to your property.

5. Protect Your Property

The harsh rays of the sun can harm humans but it can also damage your possessions.

UV rays from direct sunlight will weaken furniture, carpets and other items in the household and cause them to fade and weaken quite quickly.

The same effect can be seen on vehicles as well. Shade sails block the sunlight and prevent it from hitting your car or windows of the home.

Get a shade sail that is waterproof and your car then remains protected from rain and can even save you the cost of building a garage.


Do you want to enhance your home or building with shade sails?

Explore all the residential and commercial options by talking today to Shade Sails Perth. 

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